Rationalize Capabilities | Increase Efficiencies | Optimize Costs

International Solutions Network’s (ISN) provides capital markets clients with a complete global vendor assessment and rationalization for front, middle and back offices in order to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and understand, manage and optimize vendor engagements.  The ISN team leverages decades of capital markets and vendor experiences to provide clients with a global overview of vendor engagements.

ISN applies a disciplined process for clients to manage and optimize vendor engagements leveraging a top-down and bottoms- up approach to:

        Inventory vendors by geography, desk and asset class
        Assess and matrix vendor costs versus capabilities
        Map and define vendors’ full global capabilities
        Map clients needs and existing usage
        Identify redundancies in data, analytics, storage, etc.
        Apply an internal scoring system with the following criteria

Recommendations to reduce costs and optimized vendor relationships:

  • Eliminating Redundancies
  • Consolidate Vendors
  • Optimize Services
  • Coordinate Contract Negotiations