Electronic Trading | Price Discovery | Increase Liquidity

The ISN team uncovers fundamental market opportunities through primary and secondary market research to determine distinct needs for trading specific financial instruments. ISN works with internal Product and Development teams, with target end-users, and with market experts to rapidly design solutions that clearly address market needs.Leveraging ISN expertise and drawing upon multiple technology partners, ISN will assemble a team to manage, develop and launch a new trading systems.

  • Market Assessment: Perform a deep market assessment to help define the needs for specific instruments and new systems
  • Competitive and SWOT Analysis: Research existing systems and potential competitors
  • Regulatory Research: Provide research on regulatory impact on defined markets
  • Liquidity Plan: Integrating a liquidity plan from inception is key for a successful go-to-market plan for any trading system
  • Sales and Design: Implementing ISN’s trademarked Sales and Design process leverages end-user insights, generates alpha user client “buy in,” and manages their expectations by integrating them into the design process in the initial stages
  • Matching Systems: The ISN team has extensive experience with
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI): Create the most sophisticated GUIs for the intruments being traded by incorporating industry experts and market participants
  • Systems Build: Full system build, from executing architecture design to data base acquisition
  • System Integration: Leveraging in-house systems in order to integrate with the existing enterprise
  • Trading System Integration: Accessing deeper pools of liquidity by integrating other vendor solutions or in-house solutions
  • Straight-Through-Processing Solutions (STP): Design and implement STP solutions for market participants

Any trading system, regardless of how well designed, needs liquidity to be successful. ISN builds participant involvement and manages ongoing participant relationships to facilitate that success.