Leveraging unparalleled capital markets and fintech expertise ISN offers the following services.

White Papers

ISN couples strong financial technical writing with decades of industry knowledge to produce White Papers for clients. Clear communication of market challenges and solutions are covered in detail. Topics have included regulatory, investment and technology challenges along with sophisticated solutions. This enables ISN clients to present thought leadership solutions to the market on relevant and timely topics.

Sample White Paper: New Technology Solutions Enabling Success in Today’s Regulatory Environment – January 2018

Due Diligence

ISN leverages deep global financial expertise and business experience in assessing potential acquisition or investment targets for clients. Acting as an independent third party, with a solid understanding of how to augment client businesses to create growth opportunities, ISN takes an objective view as to the viability and long-term potential of a proposed transaction, as well as highlight risks in the context of competitive and market factors.

Market Surveys

ISN conducts in depth market surveys with targeted questions to the right market participants, designed to accurately uncover or assess opportunities. Surveys can be open, identifying the client to those surveyed, anonymous, or blind, allowing those being surveyed to be anonymous, and reporting to the client in aggregate.

Competitive SWOT Analysis

The ISN team provides a detailed review and evaluation of existing tools and data sets offered by competitors. From this, ISN prepares a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis, and creates a matrix to clearly illustrate and identify gaps in the market that represent potential expansion and revenue opportunities for clients.

Commercial Models

ISN determines possible commercial arrangements and optimal product mixes for various types of clients, geographies and use cases. These recommendations are derived from findings from surveys, work flow analysis, SWOT analysis, and market gaps that have been identified.